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夏山フェスタ 2018 in 名古屋 & 福岡(6/23-24) →終了


蓼科山頂ヒュッテは、今月名古屋と福岡にて開催される 「夏山フェスタ」にブースを出展いたします! イベント日時、場所などの詳細は、下記リンクをご確認ください♪

①夏山フェスタ in 名古屋(6/23-24)

②夏山フェスタ in 福岡(6/23-24)

日本各地の山小屋をはじめ、アウトドアメーカー等さまざまな情報ブースに加え、 豪華なゲストによるトークショーがあります(^-^)

そして、「夏山フェスタ in 福岡」の1日目に行われる「山小屋オーナーの座談会」には、 有り難いことに、蓼科山頂ヒュッテも参加させていただきます!


*** 【Summer Mountain Festival 2018 in Nagoya & Fukuoka (June 23-24)】

There are a variety of mountain events to be held at different places in June!

And we, Tateshina Sancho Hutte, will be running a booth at 2 events as below, both held on June 23-24!

1.) Summer Mountain Festival in Nagoya (June 23-24)

2.) Summer Mountain Festival in Fukuoka (June 23-24)

There will be a lot of booths for famous outdoor gear and clothing companies, as well as mountain lodges/cabins from various regions of Japan! You can also enjoy talk shows with special guests and find climbing goods on sale, etc.

In addition, we will be joining a program "A Talk Show with Mountain Cabin Owners" starting at 16:40 on the 23rd, Saturday in Fukuoka!

It is definitely an exciting and informative opportunity for those who are interested in mountain climbing!

Please see the below for event details and don't miss this chance!:)

-------- ☆Event details for Nagoya☆

◾︎Date & Time: June 23rd (Sat), 10:00-18:30 June 24th (Sun), 9:00-17:00

◾︎Place: WINC AICHI -Aichi Industrial and Labor Center (7&8F) (4-4-38 Meieki Nakamura-ku Nagoya city, Aichi)

◾︎Access: 5 min on foot from Nagoya station.

◾︎Fee: Free

-------- ☆Event details for Fukuoka☆

◾︎Date & Time: June 23rd (Sat), 12:00-19:00 June 24th (Sun), 9:30-18:30

◾︎Place: Denki Building Mirai Hall (4F) (2-1-82 Watanabe-Dori Chuo-ku Fukuoka city, Fukuoka)

◾︎Access: 1.) Train 7 min on foot from Yakuin station of Nishitetsu line.

2.) Subway Directly connected to B2 floor of main Denki Building from Watanabe-Dori station of Nanakuma line.

3.) Bus Get on a bus at the bus station (A) in front of JR Hakata station or the bus station (No. 4) in front of Tenjin Daimaru, then get off at Watanabe-Dori-Icchome stop which is very close to the venue.

4.) Taxi -5 min from Tenjin. -7 min from JR Hakata station. -25 min from Fukuoka airport

◾︎Fee: Free


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