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【Event Information about “The Mountain Top BBQ”(July 16-18)】

During the upcoming 3-day holiday (July 16-18), we will be having a BBQ event on the top of Mt. Tateshina!:)

We will be grilling delicious "cocktail sausages" made by "Frank," a sausage store located in Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and waiting for you to join us!

We will have 4 kinds of sausages (fine ground plain, coarse ground plain, basil, and black sesame) for your enjoyment.

*The event will end once they are sold out.

In addition, for those ordering a draft beer during the event, you can enjoy “beer foam art" with our logo painted on the head of beer!

Please stop by and join us for your memory of Mt. Tateshina trekking!:)

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