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  • Q. Do I need to make a reservation?
    A . If you would like to stay overnight, please make a reservation at least 2 days in advance using the reservation form or by phone.If you do not have a reservation or make a reservation on the day, you will be charged an additional 500 yen for the accommodation fee. For same-day reservations, please be sure to call us.
  • Q.Can I choose a room?
    A. There are large rooms and private rooms (4 people x 3 rooms). Please specify the room when you make a reservation. There is an additional charge of 4,000 yen per room for private rooms.
  • Q. Do you have bedding?
    A.Bedding is provided, so sleeping bags are basically unnecessary.
  • Q. What time is check-in possible?
    A. Basically, it is possible from any time. Please plan to arrive by 16:30.If you anticipate being late, please be sure to contact the hut direct phone number.
  • Q. What time should I check out?
    A. Basically, we ask that you arrive around 10:00, but please feel free to come at any time that suits your schedule.
  • Q. Do you have baths and showers?
    A. Water is limited at the summit. Therefore, there are no baths or showers. Please note.
  • Q.Can I wash my face and brush my teeth?
    A. Please use the hand wash in front of the restroom. However, it is not disinfected with rainwater.If you are concerned, please use mineral water. (However, it may not be available due to freezing)
  • Q. I would like to smoke.
    A. Smoking is not permitted inside the hut. Outdoors, please.
  • Q. I would like to stay overnight and cook for myself.
    A. There is no kitchen in the hut. When cooking, please use the stainless steel table installed outdoors.
  • Q. Can I use the phone at the summit?
    A. Near the top of the mountain, mobile phones work at specific locations for each company. There are no payphones.
  • Q.Are there toilets?
    A. You can use the outdoor flush toilet (with toilet paper). Post-treatment is done by bio-purification.We ask for your cooperation in keeping the toilet clean and separating the paper.* If you are not staying overnight, we will charge 200 yen as a usage fee. (It will be the cost of equipment maintenance, cleaning, etc. Thank you for your understanding.)
  • Q. What is the temperature near the summit?
    A. At an altitude of about 2,500m where the mountain hut is located, please expect the temperature to drop by about 15°C from sea level (every 100m increase in altitude, the temperature drops by 0.6°C). In addition, when the wind is blowing, the sensible temperature will be even lower, so even in the summer, please take measures against cold and wind.
  • Q. Until what month does snow remain? What month does it start snowing?
    A. Around Golden Week, there is snow almost from the trailhead to the summit. The last snowfall is in mid-May. The remaining snow on the mountain trail disappears in early June. The first ice is around the end of September, and the first snow is around mid-October. It will be below freezing in the morning. It is after November that the mountain trail is covered with snow. *Descriptions are based on the average year. It changes from year to year.
  • Q. How do you transport food and other items?
    A. Basically, we use helicopters, and other perishables are replenished by foot cargo.
  • Q. Is it necessary to submit a climbing plan? Please tell me how to submit.
    A. When climbing a mountain, please be sure to create and submit a mountain climbing plan in advance.Climbing plans can be submitted on paper or online.Please check the website of the Nagano Prefectural Police for the submission method. of a mountain climbing plan will be important information for quick rescue activities in the event of a mountain distress.In addition, knowing the characteristics of the mountain you are going to climb and being able to prepare well will prevent accidents and lead to safe and enjoyable mountain climbing.
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