​COVID-19 Prevention Measures

In order to prevent the spread of the infection, we will change the operating system of lodging, lunch and shops for the time being as below. 

Thank you for your understanding.


<Advance reservation is required.>

​●Lodging Days

・July 1 (Wed) - July 18 (Sat):Lodging is available only on Saturday.

・From July 19 (Sun) - :Lodging is available from Monday to Sunday.


Common room (with capacity of 30 people) is limited up to 9 people.(Curtains will be installed with a decent space between individuals.

*Private rooms are available as usual.


In addition to mattress, blanket and pillow, disposable pillowcase, bed sheet and neck cover of blanket will be provided.

However, if it is still uncomfortable, please bring your sleeping bag.

​●Meals and Lunch Box

During breakfast and dinner, decent spaces between individuals will be ensured.

Also, lunch box is not available for the time being.

●Reservation and Cancellation

Advance reservation is required. Please make a reservation by either e-mail or online reservation form until 2 days before the arrival date.

* In case of cancellation on the arrival date, 1,500JPY of the cancellation fee will be required as we already limit the number of reservations and prepare meals.

<A Request to Our guests>

●Please make sure to bring the following items in addition to the usual equipment.

- Masks

- Extra pair of socks

- Alcohol disinfectant sheets or spray


●Please wear a mask inside the lodge. Also, please change your socks when you arrive and refrain from barefoot walking.

●Please disinfect your fingers especially when entering/leaving the lodge, after using toilet or before eating.​ Also, please gargle your throat regularly.

​●Please manage your health before you come. In case of having fever or feeling sick, please don't overexert yourself and contact us to cancel the reservation until the day before the arrival date.

●When you arrive, please provide us with information (name, address and phone number) of not only a person who booked, but also all companions. 

*Following a COVID-19 countermeasure announced by Nagano Prefecture towards mountain lodges, "Acquisition of accurate information on all the lodging guests" needs to be ensured. Therefore, we would like to ask to provide necessary information of all guests. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Lunch, Shops and Toilet

They are closed until July 17(Fri), and will be opened from July 18(Sat).

●Only the following food and drinks are provided. 

‐Instant Noodles               600 JPY  (including hot water)

‐Coffee                               500 JPY

‐Tea                                     500 JPY

‐Hot Chocolate                  500 JPY

‐Corn Soup                   500 JPY

‐Canned Beer(350ml)   600 JPY

‐Plastic bottles of drinks    500 JPY

(Water, Juice, Green tea, etc)

●Various original goods (badges, towels, T-shirts, stickers, etc.) are on sale.



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