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第4回 山頂秋のサンマ祭り(9/15-17)→終了

毎年恒例の『山頂サンマ祭り』。 今年も9月15日~17日の3連休に開催します♪

身がギュッと詰まった大船渡産の美味しいサンマを背負い上げて、山頂で焼いてお待ちしております。 山頂で食べるホックホクのサンマは、格別に美味しいですよ。ぜひご賞味くださいませ!


*** 【Mt.Tateshina Sanma(Brevoort) Festival (Sep 15-17)】

Now, it's time to enjoy autumn season! Our annual event "Mt.Tateshina Sanma(Brevoort) Festival" will be held on this coming weekend, Sep 15-17th.

We will offer fresh and firm fishes (captured in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture) on the top of the mountain. So if you are planning to come for trekking, please do try out some delicious Grilled Sanma Fish. Definitely you will be amazed for sure!

*Please note that it will be closed when it is raining.


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